Sunday, June 19, 2011


On 19/6/2011_ _ _

My very 1st time writting post on BLOG...
ooohh..ya.....Hiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!! An Nyoung!!!!!!!
Im Poh a introduced of myself..I'm studying diploma at manufacturing engineering at UTeM,Melaka..
Nothing special..born at teluk intan,
Graduate my tadika,primary and secondary at teluk intan..
opps..i juz realze a lot of ppl don't know where teluk intan locate..coz when i say i from t.i dey say "huh??"..i answered, "from Perak"...
I gt 4 sisters..i'm d fifth and d last..tat right's!!all girls..
Hmmnn..nothing more to say..
Ahhhyaaaa..i'm single..

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