Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Movie Marathon!

As you all know 28/11/2011 is a public holiday..
So, as usual 2 besties of mine went for a movie marathon at AEON Jusco..
But this time we have another senior following us, Lim Choon Pin~
Apparently, he is FKEKK senior which mean is Poh TIng and Ying Chau's senior..

"Happy Feet 2" was our first movie..
My comment on the movie, is cute and funny!!
Me and Ying Chau in love with this little penguin, Eric~

Oops! I must have forget to mention the movie was in 3D..
So, we have to wear those 3D glasses..

Aww~ this movie I have been waiting for several days to watch it..
BREAKING DAWN~ you must have know this movie..
It is so famous~worth to watch it..
Sadly, it have a lot scene that have been cut..
That it written at there 13 years old instead of 18 years old..

Me and Ying Chau have our dinner at Garden Recipe..
Their theme, tasty and healthy..

I ordered a plate of spicy fried bihun..
Whereas, Ying Chau ordered a plate of Ramen soup..
Both were from vegetarians categories~
They were so delicious and the amount is quite big..
Ooo, the price.. It is so reasonable for such as a restaurant of this..

"Santa Claus is coming to the town"..
It going to be December!!
The supermarket decorate with the 'White Christmas'..

Snap snap with him~
Those christmas tree were very high and is so white!!

How could I miss takng photo with my besties???
It would never happen!!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Shopping till drop!!

~ 25/11/2011 ~
I finished my class at 11.50am..
I took 12.30pm bus back to hostel..
We have a plan to Mydin to buy household stuffs and some snack foods..

1st picture : Drawer full with snacks!!
2nd picture : 2 box of homesoy, Drinho's chrysanthemum and a box of Delites's cranberry and apples..
3rd picture : The stuffs that we bought from Mydin...
4th picture : Flour to make handmade noodles, bihun and mee soy..

Our dinner!!
~ yummy ~
Ying Chau, our cooking skill have improved!!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Sem 2 outing and Ying Chau's birthday celebration..

20112011...On this day..
Me,Ying Chau and Poh Ting went to Bukit Beruang to help the recycling project..
We had plan to go to Jusco to buy some household stuff and to find some clothes for our own too..

~wee~ three of us wore the same shirt..
Poh Ting bought those from Sarawak..

Saw those cheese??
Is was so uh-hmm...Chessy!!

This is the food that we ordered..
I juz get myself a bread,soup and fries..
I do not have much appetite on that day..

Back to hostel................

My beloved jie,HUey Sin ask us to bought o plan something for Ying Chau's Birthday...
Cake??no...is too big....
Ice-cream!! Perfect!!!
We even play a game..the lose one get to eat ice-cream!! haha.. I know is seem wrong..

The ice-cream had start to melt on the way back to hostel..

p/s: AWESOME night!!!!!

Moonfest + AGM of Chinese Cultural Society

It was on that day..19/11/2011
I took Transnasional bus back to Malacca at 11am for second sem..
It was a rush day..
It rains heavily at 4pm..I was so afraid that I will have difficulties to back to my hostel..
Thanks God, the rain stop at 4.20pm..
I reach Malacca Central at 4.30pm..
Then, I took a public bus (bas Wira) back to hostel..It was already 5pm..
I have limited time to get into UTEM bus to moonfest celebration of a chinese culture society of my uni..
The bus late for around 5-10 minutes..
I still be able to attend the celebration..How lucky I was on that day..

The celebration was held on PPP for a formal ceremony such as prize giving..
We assemble at the cafeteria 2 for the AGM..
After the dinner, we head to the PPP to start the activities that have been plan..

We start with a game..It was a station game..
We were divided into groups..
Then, there were performances from the members..
Last but not least, they play a trick on the ex-president..

Each of us were given a lantern..
We walk together to the Hall as the lanterns can help us to light up the road..
It start to dizzling on that day and the wind join in later..
It was so windy that some of our lantern burnt at it shake roughly by the wind..

We took some picture while waiting for the bus back to hostel..
However, we end up back to hostel by car as there no buses head to our hostel..

Indeed, it was an enjoyable night..
A big credit to those committee of this event!!!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Meet with Best Buddyzzzz.......

I have been crazy on this night, 12/11/2011...
Me, Chew Yeng, and Kathryn have our dinner..uh-hmnnnnnn..perhaps is supper?? at MaryBrown..
Then, all of sudden we went to funfair which were just located opposite the MB..

The games available honestly say is boring..
And is so expensive..
Kids-rm2 per game..
Adult-rm4 per game..
And you are not allow to take photo at there..I was ask to not to take picture after after I snap some..

Then, Kathryn had this crazy idea..
She ask us to go Leaning Tower of Teluk Intan..

Snap snap snap!!

Ahh!!! We wnet to Saturday night's market..
I found this giant burger!!
Trust me..You can never finish it at your own unless you are really starving..
I did not buy it coz is too big..

P/s: Kathryn,Chew Yeng..We should meet more often..

Friday, November 11, 2011

One night food marathon.

My mum din't cook dinner on that night...
My sister and her boyfriend would like to taste Teluk Intan's delicacies..
There were only five of us (my mum,my sis,her boyfriend,my aunt n me..
It was Wednesday..as usual, is weekday..My dad is at outstation..

This is our first destination..
SeChuan restaurant..
We ordered white rice with some dishes..
THis restaurant definitely a best choice for a family dinner..

We head to Gluton Square to buy 6 pairs of 'ma geok'
It is similar to 'yau char gwai' but this have slightly different..
It is located at Jalan Sithabaram Pillai and Jalan Ah Cheong (nearby big cinema)..
A variety of other food can be found at here too..

Chee Cheong Fun!! You can taste the best at Liew Kee..
This is another famous delicacy in Teluk Intan..
It is located at Jalan Woo Saik Hong..

The last destination..
Char kuey teow..The best in Teluk Intan..
When we arrived, they haven't fully open stall yet..
But, still we have to wait for an hour for our turns..
A lot of their customer have wait for them before they even arrive..

There were still a lot of local delicacies at Teluk Intan..
But you can't eat all of them in one night..
There are too many..
Will recommend more on the next sem break!!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Mini Steamboat!

It was 2 weeks before 2nd semester starts..
My first sis, Poh Ching..plan to have steamboat for dinner..
There were only four of us as the rest of my sister have further their study and my dad was at Ipoh..

My mum bought variety of fishball..
There were 4 types of fishball. but I could not named it..

This is one of my favourite mushroom..
It was named as Enorki mushroom..
Whenever there is steamboat, I will make sure it will be in the food lists..

The most important for steambot is the soup..
My mum had cook the soup since the morning..
She demand to simmer it slowly..
She said the soup will taste better..

The tree different spices originally made by my mum..

My stomach persuade me not to eat anymore..
So, I stop after the third round..

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Dim Sum’ing In Teluk Intan!

This is my hometown..Last time, it used to called as Teluk Anson.. Now, is Teluk Intan.
I woke up very early on that day (Sunday, 6/11/2011)..
So, we went to eat 'dim sum' at a very old restaurants named Tuck Kee..
I often went there when I was small with my late grandfather... I still remember he said he loves the dim sum at here most..

We wait almost 10 minutes to get a seat..
It was raining but still a lot of them willing to wait standing..

They have 'Loh Mai Kai', 'Har Kau', different types of fishballs, 'pau', egg tart and many mores...
Is too many to be mentioned at here..

We ordered some..
Our stomach can't afford to taste all of the dim sum at here..
Ohh yaa... They have sum fried stuff too...
We drink 'Guanyin' tea..
It was an enjoyable breakfast!!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Deepavali 2011

On 2/11/2011, Priyasree (one of my bestie) had an open house for Deepavali celebration..
Kathryn was fetching us-->>Suli n me to her house as her house was too far..
Before we went to Priya's house, I wait for Kathryn at Giant..She looking for a suitable present for a teacher's retirement..
I sat in the front and Suli sat in the back of the car..
On the way to Priya's house, there was no electricity..
Along the road was so dark..Our eyes feel so pain..
Thanks God, we reach her house safetly..After a u-turn..

I get to eat murukussss......~wee~
The cupcakes..What can I say..
Alright, Priya make it herself..I appreciate it..
But to be honest..the cupcakes is too hard..The spoon break when we try to pook in the spoon into the cupcakes...

I took the opportunity to took photo with them..
I took photo with Chew yeng, Kathryn, Sanam, Kyaarthini and Priya..

We took a lot of group photo..
At first, we girls tooks Priya's room and we took photo among ourselves..
Later, the boys join in...

At last, finally!!
I in the photo with my three besties ever!!!
Lastly, I would like to say thank you to Priya for a wonderful dinner!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Handmade Bookmarks..

My semester breaks is too long..I think..For now..
I want to earn some money..But I could not find any job as there is no transport for me to go to work..
So, this idea cross my mind..
I make bookmarks and sell it...A very simple bookmarks..
I need this thing to done fast..This is the most easiest bookmarks I ever make..

I just need a wrapping paper, thread, glue, scissors, fancy color papers, and puncher..
I can easily get the materials from bookshops nearby...

First, cut the design of the wrapping paper..
Then, cut the fancy color papers into rectangle size...
Paste the sign that you have cut into the color papers..
Punch a hole on the top..

At the first badge, I do not dare to do that much..
My cousin's brother and sister help me to sell them at their school to theirs friends..
When they come back from school, they give some comment from their friends to improve my bookmarks..
I hope they manage to sell all of them.
Although I know I will not earn much..
The main purpose is I would not have too many free time!!