Thursday, September 22, 2011

A trip to KL before final test!!

It was 16th September..Yup..It was Malaysia Day..
I went to KL to join my sis b4 she further her study..
I shop a lot and eat a lot..
Here were the excitement!!
Once I arrived, we went to Fong Lye Taiwan Restaurant to have our lunch.
We wait for half an hour to get a seat..We were served with a glass of drink while waiting for our turn..
There were only four of us, but our table was full with numbers of plate of food.

On the next day,
We have our breakfast at Levain Boulangerie & Patisserie.
The view from the outside of the shop till the inside of the shop was so beautiful.
This shop have the colonial-style bungalows's landscape.
You could find variety of French-style bakery here.

As for our lunch,
Sushi Zanmai, eeyuupp...
We went to have our lunch at there..It was a Japanese restaurant..
They are also known as the genuine Conveyor-belt Sushi restaurant..
I love Japanese food and its really fill up my stomach and satisfication as well..

Dinner time,

Saw the apron up there? We have to wear it.. Yup,this Morganfields restaurants is totally like what I have ever dreamed to hav romantic dinner with my beloved one..
But not with my boyfriends (coz he does not exists yet) that night..
I love the words on the apron..It saids 'Money can't buy me love, but it can buy me pork ribs'..

THe sEConD dAY..
Starhill Gallery!! I was amazed with the interior designs..
It was so amazing..the light,the path..everything in it makes you feels as if you are in the wonderland..

We did not really went to a specific restaurant to have our meal on this day..
We prefer to have SNacKS on that days..
But those snacks do not makes my stomach cry of hungers..
 My trips ends at here..
Only for this time..I will not give up explore foods at KL..
I promise I will share more delicacy..


Hmmmnnn..I don't remember when we ate this..
Perhaps last month or last two month..
Truly homemade sphaghetti..cook by Fong Ling and Chui Wei..
Less talk and more food!!


Secret Recipe For Lunch!!

It was Sunday tat day..
Me and Poh Ting went a girl house to give free tuition..
"ring!! ring!!" Poh Ting's hp ring..His brother call..
Her brother coming...AND the most important he bringing us go out eat..
After went around d Malacca Mall..V finally ended up at the Secret Recipe..
~Yummy~ Look delicious right?? I was going to tell u they did taste great!!
Look at those food.. Juicy round meatball,sweet sauce, cold freeze ice-cream..

We decide to feed each of us.. 
I hav to tell u tat those food really taste better..

~Me and Poh Ting~
Look!! We drink from the same glass..
The sexy lady licking the cream from the cherry..

Mooncake Festival!!

This year I celebrate my mooncake festival with no mooncake,no moon,not with my family,nt with lanterns tangling around me,no lighted candle..
How sad,too bad,,However,luckily I have them to company me..(Ying Chau and Poh Ting).
What we do??
LOok for yourself!! I admit v was too excited at tat time..
We eat,smile and spend the night of Mooncake Festival together..
Although there were only three of us, but I feel so contented that night..
I was so blessed my Mooncake Festival night was celebrating wit two of them..

Each of us have a bit on a same piece of the white tradition biscuit.. I did not know wat the name of it.. I'm sorry...
So sweet right??? That how we share..

The biscuit tat we share together turns up like this..
Can u guess which one is mine, Ying Chau and Poh Ting??
We have three left over oranges on that time..
So,our beloved Miss Lai decided to put some faces on the oranges..
She actuaclly give each one of us a face on orange..
Starting on the right hand side was mine, in the middle was Poh Ting, and the last one was hers.

I really feel so happy,blithesome,fortunate that night..
Thanks to my buddyz!!


This is suppose b the JULY post..but i'm too busy..sorry for late!!
I'm so proud to announce that Sukum 2011 being hosted by UNIVERSITY TECHNICAL MALAYSIA MALACCA!!
In addition, two from 12 of us gt involved..they are Ying Chau and Xue Yan..Thay are dancers!!!
Unexpected huh??
They been very busy and always came back late...They practice, practice and practice almost every night..
After all the preparation, finally present to you..

However,there only 6 of us go..Me,Poh Ting,Hui Ming,Michele,Xin Qi and Chui Wei..It was a bit rush on that day..We hav only limited time to get ourself prepare..HOwever,we made it to d occasion..Can u actuaclly believe that all of student in the bus were actuaclly heading to the same destination!!
Since the stadium haven flooded with ppl yet,we still be able to take a group photo..
A small group photo..

"Ten ten ten"..Present to you the reprsentative dancers of UNIVERSITI TEKNIKAL MALAYSIA MELAKA!!

I'm very sure they must be very nervous on that time..
They were waiting for their turn to do performance..

We were too borin and so unpatience to wait for the ceremony to start.. So,we took some photo together to maximise the usage of the time..


Futhermore, those picture were also our remarkable memories.. It was the first time v went to our uni's stadium 2gether.. INdeed,it was something worth to remember..
More and more pictures!! Me,taking wit the big stadium.. Hey,there were 4 foreigners so spontaneous get themselves a photoshot!!

There were too many event arranged on that day.. There were dance,band performance.. There were chinese dance, sabah and sarawak dance, and a portugese dance too.. I might not list out all of the event.. I'm sorry!! Firework was being released too.. It was really a tired but an awesome night!!