Sunday, July 10, 2011

Food Paradise!!

Before I get myself in the Malacca gateway,everyone told me Malacca have a lot of yummy food..I say "that;s great!!"..Some say, "Poh Yan,you will not be hungry.."
At the very 1st step at malacca, I eal Malacca's cendol d 1st.. would i desribe it...but one thing for sure,it taste different from my hometown..I prefer baba's cendol..nice taste..
We do eat oter food..LAKSA!!! (my favourite)..n curry mee..this shop is self-service shop..

Lunch, do you ever heard of chicken rice but in a fishball shape..funny and weird rite??
you hav to line up for al least half an hour to gt a seat..
I think normal chicken rice taste better..but is worth trying..the price is quite reasonable...
And it can make ur stomach full with only 5 balls...

Then,we have some 'nyonya kuih'..unfortunetly, i din't capture any picture of it...
But we do have our desserts...Nadeje cake, a layer cake that made fuly using egg...
I have a glass of drink..
I don't remember wat's this drink called..

As for our dinner, we went a veryfamous capital satay celup..
can you believe we have to line u for almost 1 hour..
Nice food worth waiting rite??? I gt to bump with 3 old friends..raymond(bump with him 3 times,n he eating everytime, hui xin and vivian..
Back to satay, the soup is made of satay sauce..
So,it is very 'concentrated"...

We do have our supper..we have eat along the Jonker street..
At there, row of shops and stalls available along the street...
I found something interesting..someting that you can taste original..
It twirl from a potato to form like this..I taste the ori,chese and bbq flavour..

I do gt to eat other food..but is too many to be say at here...Malacca do is a paradise of food, if u r at malacca town,Jonker street and red house area..If u got a chance to be here..EAT as much as you can!!!

Friday, July 1, 2011


This is the very first time i step into a world called UNIVERSITY!!
I feel nervous at i cope with it??3yrs is it a waste of time??is this what i really want???hundreds,millions and zillions of questions...
MHS week..make my option clearer..ya!!you are here and fight for it!!!
We only have a small group of chinese for 1st yrs diploma course..
The moment i step in the great hall..i say WOW!!!
so big,so grand..mayb because my former secondary school hall is so small..
You may only saw a lot of head from up..nt d too small..
We manage to know all chinese girl juz in an hour..there is only 12 of little could tat be???all diploma course oni hav 12 chinese girl???
This is only the best picture i can show you how great the hall is..
No doubt..V get 'special care' from our beloved senior..
special thanks to Leh Mei Tiang,Lew Huey Sin and Alexis..
they really did their responsible..well done!!!

This is the only chinese fasilitator we have!!!a big clap to them!!!
well,if i'm going to write more details bout wat happen during mhs will take at least 1 whole day..
A small gift from Me,Ying Chau,Fong Ling n Poh Ting to three of them.