Friday, October 28, 2011

Ipoh-->>Is deepavali!

First of all, I would like to wish all my indian friends HAPPY DEEPAVALI!
I having fun on that day too..
Since my aunt was in holiday.. So, both of us decide drive to Ipoh to visit my another aunt that lives at Menglembu..
Besides that, I want to look for my bag, shoes, watch, dress and etc..And to taste the unique delicacies at Ipoh..

We start our journey at 7a.m.
The sky is full with mist.. The view was so blur..
But its getting better after 30 minutes..

My outfits on that day!!

We reach there around 8.35a.m...
My stomach was grumbling..After my aunt's kids were prepared, we have our breakfast at a restaurant nearby Jusco..
I order kopi ice and 'ho fan'..

It was around 10.05am after we have our breakfast..
Straight a way, we head to Jusco..
When I was in the car, I took some picture of my aunt's last son..
He mimic his face when I want to took some picture of him..
He so cute right??

There was a clown give away balloon to kids as associated with Deepavali celebration..
She was very fast turn a balloon shaped like sausage into assorted design..

There were also performance held at there..
It was perfom by chidren!
They dance and sing.. It does attract a lot of people..
While we shopping, I rewards myself a packect of kaya balls..
As a rewards for those kids, I bought candy for them..

We have our lunch at Mary Brown restaurant...
Is cost only Rm5 for a plate because we have their student card..
I took his photo again..He like to eat the french fries so much..

This time I really shop till drop..
I found my bag and my shirts.. But I couldn't find my shoes and my watch..

The next day...27/10...
We start our journey back to hometown right after we have our breakfast..

This time, I ordered Neslo ice..
It was so delicious..
It mix the milo and kopi so well..
It was also one's of the Ipoh famous drink..

My deepavali's holiday ends here...

Friday, October 21, 2011

Blitz of fun after final test!

On 14th October, Friday we had sit for the final paer at last.
Three of us have decide to go out and have some fun!
We want to watch movie, shopping and Poh Ting was hunting for The Popular bookshop..

We fill our stomach and boast up over energy with Kentucky Fried Chicken!!
I ordered a set of Zinger Burger for myself.

Me and Ying Chau went to shopping and as for Poh Ting as I say earlier she was in her POPULAR..
We had decided to watch the Three Musketeers as it is suitable to watch by the rest of us too (Sulaiman, Nurul Husna, Daniela Aina, Zafri).
It was really a worth to watch it.

It was 6p.m. after the movies ends..
We did a little of shopping more about 45 minutes..
Then, we have our dinner at the food court..

By the time we reach our hostel, it was already 8p.m.
Our legs was so tired after a lot of walking.
But we did not come back with empty hands.

It was the last trip on Malacca three of us together for the first semester..
I really miss those moments!!

Lets go green!!

Finally, I have finished my final test!!
On the Saturday night, Poh Ting and I did our very best collect recycle stuff to be sent over to Tzu Chi.
So, we make our decision to knock all the doors available at the Block A and B.
We get the good response from Block B.
SOme of the students in Block A were just ignore us..They turn their ears deaf..

Those were the only stuff that we managed to collect.
There were bottles, newspapers, boxes, glass, tin and also aluminium..
Most of all is bottles..I think we have went up and down the stairs for almost 20 times!!

~Poh Ting do the cleaning~
I do help a little at first..To minimise the time and to speed up our work, I incharge of the other stuff..
I categorized the others into their categories..

We finished our work by 1a.m..Both of us were so tired..
However, we proud of what we did..
The recycled item were finally in the orderly manner and was divided into their categories now..
We hope the efforts that we did that night do help to minimise the work of volunteer on Sunday..

Chemistry Project!!

It was a busy morning on that day..
I make sure myself are well-dressed, and the most important my group project is still in good condition.
We could not afford any damage on our product..
If can I would like to paste a big sticker writting "CAUTION!!"..

Can't figure out what is it right?
It was our project, Pot in Pot refrigerator..Hey, it do can really feel the coldness in it..
The steps were so easy.hmmnn..Let me explain..
First, put a small clay pot into a larger clay pot.
Second, fills in any holes at the base of the pots.
Third, fill all around the small pot with moist sand.
Fourth, take a cloth or towel dip it into water and cover the pot with it.
THat its!! Easy right??

There were actuaclly 6 of us..But Xin Yi was sick on that day, so she could not join us..
All of us may have all come from different ships, but we're in the same boat now.
We laugh together and we work together. Our laugther is always the laughter as a group.

There were numerous project display on that day.
There were project from the Manufacturing Faculty and also project from Mechanical Faculty.
You can find all sorts of unique or something that you not even hear or see before..

The prizes were only prepare 2 for each faculty.
So, the judges will only announce the 1st prize and the 2nd prize of each faculty.
The results, our group did not get the rewards..I feel kinda dissapointed on that day.But I convience myself is ok, you did your very best already..

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Bon Voyage to Linch Ng!!

You and I will meet again. When we least expect it.
One day at a distant place, I will recognize you face, I will not say goodbye my friend and we will meet again.
A new phase of your life is almost start.
This is symbolized by the separation, the unique intersection where you now find youself..
New life awaits you when you finally have chance for yourself to do all the things you want to do.
Good luck and S-A-Y-O-N-A-R-A!!

He bring us to a Malacca's beach..For me, it looks more like a jetty..
Hmmnn.. How can I describe the beach..
Windy, the water quit clean, annndddd...
the overall view I give 3 stars..

As for our farewell dinner,
Look interesting right??
It is a weird but an uique restaurant located at Melaka Raya..
It is well known as T-Bowl (Toilet Bowl) concept shop.
I have google this shop history and it was so is the story..
" The restaurant was originated by the founder, Samuel while he was sitting on a toilet bowl one day. All of a sudden he has an idea of eating while sitting in the toilet bowl just as in the movie directed by Anthony Wong a few years ago. Furthermore, he would like to open a special concept restaurant in Penang, hence inspired him to fuse this concept into the food and beverage industries."

The toilet bowls was used as the seat and the basin was used as the dining table..
As for the food bowl and plates, mini toilets bowls were used at here..
Based on my observations, I think this restaurants holds more on the bathroom concept..

We took a group photo before we leave.
I will miss those moments..
Anyway, I will like to say thank you to Linch..
Thank you for the ride, thank you for the dinner..