Tuesday, February 7, 2012

You and I

Why is it only you that I can talk the whole night through with?
Why is it only after saying goodbye, we want to meet again?
Among friends, you're the most special.
Made me feel feel so intimate, so close.
Why do you care about who window-shops with me?
You said that you treat me, a little better than the others.
But again, you don't say in which way you treat me better.
Above being friends, we're not completely lovers.
Happy but troubled, delightful but chaotic.
What will we become?
I really wish to know the answer
Coming a lil' close, let you hold my hand, being a lil' braver, I'll walk on your back.
What are you still waiting for?
There's not much time left.
If we go on this way, we can only remain good friends.
Moving a lil' forward, I will agree with you, being a lil' more excited, I won't hide
But there's three words.
Please don't hesitate for so long, just want you to say it out.
Then you'll have me.
Why is it that when you're lonely, you need me to be with you?
Why is it that when I'm sad, I only want you to comfort me?
In our hearts, clearly, there are feelings.
Why don't we face it?
I don't believe that after we have the feelings, love can't arrive.
And then love but can't be close
From the bottom of your heart, could you please decide a lil' faster?
To say 'I love you' to me...

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