Thursday, September 22, 2011

Mooncake Festival!!

This year I celebrate my mooncake festival with no mooncake,no moon,not with my family,nt with lanterns tangling around me,no lighted candle..
How sad,too bad,,However,luckily I have them to company me..(Ying Chau and Poh Ting).
What we do??
LOok for yourself!! I admit v was too excited at tat time..
We eat,smile and spend the night of Mooncake Festival together..
Although there were only three of us, but I feel so contented that night..
I was so blessed my Mooncake Festival night was celebrating wit two of them..

Each of us have a bit on a same piece of the white tradition biscuit.. I did not know wat the name of it.. I'm sorry...
So sweet right??? That how we share..

The biscuit tat we share together turns up like this..
Can u guess which one is mine, Ying Chau and Poh Ting??
We have three left over oranges on that time..
So,our beloved Miss Lai decided to put some faces on the oranges..
She actuaclly give each one of us a face on orange..
Starting on the right hand side was mine, in the middle was Poh Ting, and the last one was hers.

I really feel so happy,blithesome,fortunate that night..
Thanks to my buddyz!!

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