Thursday, September 22, 2011


This is suppose b the JULY post..but i'm too busy..sorry for late!!
I'm so proud to announce that Sukum 2011 being hosted by UNIVERSITY TECHNICAL MALAYSIA MALACCA!!
In addition, two from 12 of us gt involved..they are Ying Chau and Xue Yan..Thay are dancers!!!
Unexpected huh??
They been very busy and always came back late...They practice, practice and practice almost every night..
After all the preparation, finally present to you..

However,there only 6 of us go..Me,Poh Ting,Hui Ming,Michele,Xin Qi and Chui Wei..It was a bit rush on that day..We hav only limited time to get ourself prepare..HOwever,we made it to d occasion..Can u actuaclly believe that all of student in the bus were actuaclly heading to the same destination!!
Since the stadium haven flooded with ppl yet,we still be able to take a group photo..
A small group photo..

"Ten ten ten"..Present to you the reprsentative dancers of UNIVERSITI TEKNIKAL MALAYSIA MELAKA!!

I'm very sure they must be very nervous on that time..
They were waiting for their turn to do performance..

We were too borin and so unpatience to wait for the ceremony to start.. So,we took some photo together to maximise the usage of the time..


Futhermore, those picture were also our remarkable memories.. It was the first time v went to our uni's stadium 2gether.. INdeed,it was something worth to remember..
More and more pictures!! Me,taking wit the big stadium.. Hey,there were 4 foreigners so spontaneous get themselves a photoshot!!

There were too many event arranged on that day.. There were dance,band performance.. There were chinese dance, sabah and sarawak dance, and a portugese dance too.. I might not list out all of the event.. I'm sorry!! Firework was being released too.. It was really a tired but an awesome night!!

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