Thursday, September 22, 2011

A trip to KL before final test!!

It was 16th September..Yup..It was Malaysia Day..
I went to KL to join my sis b4 she further her study..
I shop a lot and eat a lot..
Here were the excitement!!
Once I arrived, we went to Fong Lye Taiwan Restaurant to have our lunch.
We wait for half an hour to get a seat..We were served with a glass of drink while waiting for our turn..
There were only four of us, but our table was full with numbers of plate of food.

On the next day,
We have our breakfast at Levain Boulangerie & Patisserie.
The view from the outside of the shop till the inside of the shop was so beautiful.
This shop have the colonial-style bungalows's landscape.
You could find variety of French-style bakery here.

As for our lunch,
Sushi Zanmai, eeyuupp...
We went to have our lunch at there..It was a Japanese restaurant..
They are also known as the genuine Conveyor-belt Sushi restaurant..
I love Japanese food and its really fill up my stomach and satisfication as well..

Dinner time,

Saw the apron up there? We have to wear it.. Yup,this Morganfields restaurants is totally like what I have ever dreamed to hav romantic dinner with my beloved one..
But not with my boyfriends (coz he does not exists yet) that night..
I love the words on the apron..It saids 'Money can't buy me love, but it can buy me pork ribs'..

THe sEConD dAY..
Starhill Gallery!! I was amazed with the interior designs..
It was so amazing..the light,the path..everything in it makes you feels as if you are in the wonderland..

We did not really went to a specific restaurant to have our meal on this day..
We prefer to have SNacKS on that days..
But those snacks do not makes my stomach cry of hungers..
 My trips ends at here..
Only for this time..I will not give up explore foods at KL..
I promise I will share more delicacy..

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