Thursday, September 22, 2011

Secret Recipe For Lunch!!

It was Sunday tat day..
Me and Poh Ting went a girl house to give free tuition..
"ring!! ring!!" Poh Ting's hp ring..His brother call..
Her brother coming...AND the most important he bringing us go out eat..
After went around d Malacca Mall..V finally ended up at the Secret Recipe..
~Yummy~ Look delicious right?? I was going to tell u they did taste great!!
Look at those food.. Juicy round meatball,sweet sauce, cold freeze ice-cream..

We decide to feed each of us.. 
I hav to tell u tat those food really taste better..

~Me and Poh Ting~
Look!! We drink from the same glass..
The sexy lady licking the cream from the cherry..

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