Thursday, October 20, 2011

Bon Voyage to Linch Ng!!

You and I will meet again. When we least expect it.
One day at a distant place, I will recognize you face, I will not say goodbye my friend and we will meet again.
A new phase of your life is almost start.
This is symbolized by the separation, the unique intersection where you now find youself..
New life awaits you when you finally have chance for yourself to do all the things you want to do.
Good luck and S-A-Y-O-N-A-R-A!!

He bring us to a Malacca's beach..For me, it looks more like a jetty..
Hmmnn.. How can I describe the beach..
Windy, the water quit clean, annndddd...
the overall view I give 3 stars..

As for our farewell dinner,
Look interesting right??
It is a weird but an uique restaurant located at Melaka Raya..
It is well known as T-Bowl (Toilet Bowl) concept shop.
I have google this shop history and it was so is the story..
" The restaurant was originated by the founder, Samuel while he was sitting on a toilet bowl one day. All of a sudden he has an idea of eating while sitting in the toilet bowl just as in the movie directed by Anthony Wong a few years ago. Furthermore, he would like to open a special concept restaurant in Penang, hence inspired him to fuse this concept into the food and beverage industries."

The toilet bowls was used as the seat and the basin was used as the dining table..
As for the food bowl and plates, mini toilets bowls were used at here..
Based on my observations, I think this restaurants holds more on the bathroom concept..

We took a group photo before we leave.
I will miss those moments..
Anyway, I will like to say thank you to Linch..
Thank you for the ride, thank you for the dinner..

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