Friday, October 21, 2011

Blitz of fun after final test!

On 14th October, Friday we had sit for the final paer at last.
Three of us have decide to go out and have some fun!
We want to watch movie, shopping and Poh Ting was hunting for The Popular bookshop..

We fill our stomach and boast up over energy with Kentucky Fried Chicken!!
I ordered a set of Zinger Burger for myself.

Me and Ying Chau went to shopping and as for Poh Ting as I say earlier she was in her POPULAR..
We had decided to watch the Three Musketeers as it is suitable to watch by the rest of us too (Sulaiman, Nurul Husna, Daniela Aina, Zafri).
It was really a worth to watch it.

It was 6p.m. after the movies ends..
We did a little of shopping more about 45 minutes..
Then, we have our dinner at the food court..

By the time we reach our hostel, it was already 8p.m.
Our legs was so tired after a lot of walking.
But we did not come back with empty hands.

It was the last trip on Malacca three of us together for the first semester..
I really miss those moments!!

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