Friday, October 21, 2011

Lets go green!!

Finally, I have finished my final test!!
On the Saturday night, Poh Ting and I did our very best collect recycle stuff to be sent over to Tzu Chi.
So, we make our decision to knock all the doors available at the Block A and B.
We get the good response from Block B.
SOme of the students in Block A were just ignore us..They turn their ears deaf..

Those were the only stuff that we managed to collect.
There were bottles, newspapers, boxes, glass, tin and also aluminium..
Most of all is bottles..I think we have went up and down the stairs for almost 20 times!!

~Poh Ting do the cleaning~
I do help a little at first..To minimise the time and to speed up our work, I incharge of the other stuff..
I categorized the others into their categories..

We finished our work by 1a.m..Both of us were so tired..
However, we proud of what we did..
The recycled item were finally in the orderly manner and was divided into their categories now..
We hope the efforts that we did that night do help to minimise the work of volunteer on Sunday..

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