Friday, October 21, 2011

Chemistry Project!!

It was a busy morning on that day..
I make sure myself are well-dressed, and the most important my group project is still in good condition.
We could not afford any damage on our product..
If can I would like to paste a big sticker writting "CAUTION!!"..

Can't figure out what is it right?
It was our project, Pot in Pot refrigerator..Hey, it do can really feel the coldness in it..
The steps were so easy.hmmnn..Let me explain..
First, put a small clay pot into a larger clay pot.
Second, fills in any holes at the base of the pots.
Third, fill all around the small pot with moist sand.
Fourth, take a cloth or towel dip it into water and cover the pot with it.
THat its!! Easy right??

There were actuaclly 6 of us..But Xin Yi was sick on that day, so she could not join us..
All of us may have all come from different ships, but we're in the same boat now.
We laugh together and we work together. Our laugther is always the laughter as a group.

There were numerous project display on that day.
There were project from the Manufacturing Faculty and also project from Mechanical Faculty.
You can find all sorts of unique or something that you not even hear or see before..

The prizes were only prepare 2 for each faculty.
So, the judges will only announce the 1st prize and the 2nd prize of each faculty.
The results, our group did not get the rewards..I feel kinda dissapointed on that day.But I convience myself is ok, you did your very best already..

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