Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Movie Marathon!

As you all know 28/11/2011 is a public holiday..
So, as usual 2 besties of mine went for a movie marathon at AEON Jusco..
But this time we have another senior following us, Lim Choon Pin~
Apparently, he is FKEKK senior which mean is Poh TIng and Ying Chau's senior..

"Happy Feet 2" was our first movie..
My comment on the movie, is cute and funny!!
Me and Ying Chau in love with this little penguin, Eric~

Oops! I must have forget to mention the movie was in 3D..
So, we have to wear those 3D glasses..

Aww~ this movie I have been waiting for several days to watch it..
BREAKING DAWN~ you must have know this movie..
It is so famous~worth to watch it..
Sadly, it have a lot scene that have been cut..
That it written at there 13 years old instead of 18 years old..

Me and Ying Chau have our dinner at Garden Recipe..
Their theme, tasty and healthy..

I ordered a plate of spicy fried bihun..
Whereas, Ying Chau ordered a plate of Ramen soup..
Both were from vegetarians categories~
They were so delicious and the amount is quite big..
Ooo, the price.. It is so reasonable for such as a restaurant of this..

"Santa Claus is coming to the town"..
It going to be December!!
The supermarket decorate with the 'White Christmas'..

Snap snap with him~
Those christmas tree were very high and is so white!!

How could I miss takng photo with my besties???
It would never happen!!

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