Friday, November 18, 2011

Meet with Best Buddyzzzz.......

I have been crazy on this night, 12/11/2011...
Me, Chew Yeng, and Kathryn have our dinner..uh-hmnnnnnn..perhaps is supper?? at MaryBrown..
Then, all of sudden we went to funfair which were just located opposite the MB..

The games available honestly say is boring..
And is so expensive..
Kids-rm2 per game..
Adult-rm4 per game..
And you are not allow to take photo at there..I was ask to not to take picture after after I snap some..

Then, Kathryn had this crazy idea..
She ask us to go Leaning Tower of Teluk Intan..

Snap snap snap!!

Ahh!!! We wnet to Saturday night's market..
I found this giant burger!!
Trust me..You can never finish it at your own unless you are really starving..
I did not buy it coz is too big..

P/s: Kathryn,Chew Yeng..We should meet more often..

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