Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Handmade Bookmarks..

My semester breaks is too long..I think..For now..
I want to earn some money..But I could not find any job as there is no transport for me to go to work..
So, this idea cross my mind..
I make bookmarks and sell it...A very simple bookmarks..
I need this thing to done fast..This is the most easiest bookmarks I ever make..

I just need a wrapping paper, thread, glue, scissors, fancy color papers, and puncher..
I can easily get the materials from bookshops nearby...

First, cut the design of the wrapping paper..
Then, cut the fancy color papers into rectangle size...
Paste the sign that you have cut into the color papers..
Punch a hole on the top..

At the first badge, I do not dare to do that much..
My cousin's brother and sister help me to sell them at their school to theirs friends..
When they come back from school, they give some comment from their friends to improve my bookmarks..
I hope they manage to sell all of them.
Although I know I will not earn much..
The main purpose is I would not have too many free time!!

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