Sunday, November 6, 2011

Dim Sum’ing In Teluk Intan!

This is my hometown..Last time, it used to called as Teluk Anson.. Now, is Teluk Intan.
I woke up very early on that day (Sunday, 6/11/2011)..
So, we went to eat 'dim sum' at a very old restaurants named Tuck Kee..
I often went there when I was small with my late grandfather... I still remember he said he loves the dim sum at here most..

We wait almost 10 minutes to get a seat..
It was raining but still a lot of them willing to wait standing..

They have 'Loh Mai Kai', 'Har Kau', different types of fishballs, 'pau', egg tart and many mores...
Is too many to be mentioned at here..

We ordered some..
Our stomach can't afford to taste all of the dim sum at here..
Ohh yaa... They have sum fried stuff too...
We drink 'Guanyin' tea..
It was an enjoyable breakfast!!

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