Friday, November 11, 2011

One night food marathon.

My mum din't cook dinner on that night...
My sister and her boyfriend would like to taste Teluk Intan's delicacies..
There were only five of us (my mum,my sis,her boyfriend,my aunt n me..
It was usual, is weekday..My dad is at outstation..

This is our first destination..
SeChuan restaurant..
We ordered white rice with some dishes..
THis restaurant definitely a best choice for a family dinner..

We head to Gluton Square to buy 6 pairs of 'ma geok'
It is similar to 'yau char gwai' but this have slightly different..
It is located at Jalan Sithabaram Pillai and Jalan Ah Cheong (nearby big cinema)..
A variety of other food can be found at here too..

Chee Cheong Fun!! You can taste the best at Liew Kee..
This is another famous delicacy in Teluk Intan..
It is located at Jalan Woo Saik Hong..

The last destination..
Char kuey teow..The best in Teluk Intan..
When we arrived, they haven't fully open stall yet..
But, still we have to wait for an hour for our turns..
A lot of their customer have wait for them before they even arrive..

There were still a lot of local delicacies at Teluk Intan..
But you can't eat all of them in one night..
There are too many..
Will recommend more on the next sem break!!

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