Monday, November 21, 2011

Moonfest + AGM of Chinese Cultural Society

It was on that day..19/11/2011
I took Transnasional bus back to Malacca at 11am for second sem..
It was a rush day..
It rains heavily at 4pm..I was so afraid that I will have difficulties to back to my hostel..
Thanks God, the rain stop at 4.20pm..
I reach Malacca Central at 4.30pm..
Then, I took a public bus (bas Wira) back to hostel..It was already 5pm..
I have limited time to get into UTEM bus to moonfest celebration of a chinese culture society of my uni..
The bus late for around 5-10 minutes..
I still be able to attend the celebration..How lucky I was on that day..

The celebration was held on PPP for a formal ceremony such as prize giving..
We assemble at the cafeteria 2 for the AGM..
After the dinner, we head to the PPP to start the activities that have been plan..

We start with a game..It was a station game..
We were divided into groups..
Then, there were performances from the members..
Last but not least, they play a trick on the ex-president..

Each of us were given a lantern..
We walk together to the Hall as the lanterns can help us to light up the road..
It start to dizzling on that day and the wind join in later..
It was so windy that some of our lantern burnt at it shake roughly by the wind..

We took some picture while waiting for the bus back to hostel..
However, we end up back to hostel by car as there no buses head to our hostel..

Indeed, it was an enjoyable night..
A big credit to those committee of this event!!!

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