Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Mini Steamboat!

It was 2 weeks before 2nd semester starts..
My first sis, Poh Ching..plan to have steamboat for dinner..
There were only four of us as the rest of my sister have further their study and my dad was at Ipoh..

My mum bought variety of fishball..
There were 4 types of fishball. but I could not named it..

This is one of my favourite mushroom..
It was named as Enorki mushroom..
Whenever there is steamboat, I will make sure it will be in the food lists..

The most important for steambot is the soup..
My mum had cook the soup since the morning..
She demand to simmer it slowly..
She said the soup will taste better..

The tree different spices originally made by my mum..

My stomach persuade me not to eat anymore..
So, I stop after the third round..

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